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Yesterday was very hectic, but it looks like it may have turned out well, at least for now. 

It started when I noticed some posters looking for Nina. Being of a suspicious mind, I tore down the ones I saw and went home and called Nina to find out what was going on.  To make a long story short, she kin to were-lions, and her family had promised that she would marry one of the were-lions when she was a baby, but she isn’t interested in  men in that way at all.  I got the pack together to discuss options and consulted with several of the elders and the ambassadors, but they didn’t have a great deal of helpful information about the were-lions except that they might agree to a fight to determine mating rights.  We considered that but I felt that it left to much to chance.  Nina had a few suggestions of her own, but we decided our first order of business was to contact Aidan and file a restraining order against Emil. (Nina’s “fiancée”).

We met up with Aidan and some of his pack at a diner, and it was just our luck that Emil and his… (what do you call a group of lions?... well, I’ll call them pack for now, because I can’t remember,),  his pack entered  while we were getting the paper work done.  We tried to talk things out, but they weren’t offering any solutions except Nina going with them. I tried to offer an alternative, but I only succeeded in provoking them into starting a fight.  We won of course, and because Emil drew a concealed weapon, Aidan was able to arrest him, which solves that problem for now. I don’t think we’ll have any trouble getting the restraining order through now.

((OOC: Sorry this is so short, I'm having trouble right now with creative block...)
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Yolonda is dead. We were stupid, and allowed our guard to drop once she and the baby were out of the hospital. I kind of assumed she be smart enough not to willing place herself in the BSD’s hands, but apparently, I was wrong. As the saying goes: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And we’re not sure about the universe.” She took her child to some clinic in Melrose (or was it Montrose? I get the two confused… Anyway altogether too close to BSD territory) all by herself. By the time we got there, delayed by our lack of knowledge on her whereabouts, and other matters (more on that later),  Everyone in the clinic was dead, and she and the child were missing. There was a cd left at the scene, which Guards-the-Kin grabbed. David and I were still in town (delayed by the other matters I mentioned), so I grabbed my laptop on the way out and we headed in pursuit, both groups using Rite of the Questing Stone on Yolanda and or the baby. We met up with Henry, Shadows, and Emi, and Henry gave me the disc, which I used my laptop to play. It was a recording of Snow’s son, offering to trade Yolonda for either Snow or Eric. Needless to say, the passenger window of my car now needs to be replaced. I did manage to avoid destroying or damaging my laptop, but only by putting it in the back seat. We to an area in the nature preserve, and we started to plan. We told Eric and his pack and they met us there. We figured the BSD’s would try and double cross us, so we were going to arrange a meeting, pretending to turn over Eric, while his pack rescued Yolanda and the baby. The double cross was not what we expected it to be. They brought Yolanda, but as we were making the exchange they shot Yolanda. Shadows and I rushed to heal her, but as Shadows covered her with his body to prevent a further attack on her, she stabbed him with a klaive, and he killed her by biting off her head. The bundle she had been holding turned out to be a plastic doll. We defeated the fomori that were with her, and used Rite of the Questing Stone to find the baby in a cabin with two more fomori. The baby we were able to save, but I dread the conversation that’s going to occur someday. “Well yes, we did orphan you, but you see, your parents were evil, and had to be killed. We’re the Good Guys. Really.”
The Nypmh idea isn’t woking quite the way we expected it to. The matters that delayed David and I involved the fact that the police were called to Logan’s place because of a party/orgy that got a little out of control. I get sent in, being the only one of the correct age and sex, to find out what was going on. By the time I got there the party was mostly broken up. Mostly. Since this journal may someday be read by my future descendents, I’ll leave it at that. I spent some time talking to Logan’s girlfriend. Well, possibly Logan’s ex-girlfriend at this point in time. But she seems to have realized, under the influence of the nymph, that there are other fish in the sea, and if Logan isn’t giving her the attention she needs, maybe she should seek out someone else.   I also met a lovely woman named Nina Wang. She’s very attractive and very sensuous, and she gave me her phone number. Now I just have to work up the courage to call her.
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Well, it looks like we've managed to get a cover-up in place for the thirty or so missing jocks.  With alot of help from the appropriate kin, and the Sentai, we planted evidence to make it look as though they were using drugs.  Unfortunately, going through Dr. B's files, we found a memo that indicated she was feeding info to Christine Logan, the one who is trying to find the genes for being a werewolf, although I'm not exactly sure that she knows that's what she's looking for.  Both  she and her girlfriend are uncorrupted as of yet, but look like bane bait, Logan because of her ambition and greed, and the girlfriend out of loneliness.   Shadows suggested finding a sex spirit and binding it to Logan, to get her to change tracks and focus more on the relationship, which would make the girlfriend happier as well. It's not a great plan, but as no one else seems to be coming up with anything better, we're probably going to go with it, although we may go with something a little more, well, homey, then a sex spirit.

I talked to Mrs. Eriksen about getting my mom introduced to some of the local kin, partially because I've heard of a rite that can be used to make someone kin, and I want her to already be part of the network and have people she can talk about it with if I do find someone who is willing to teach it to me, but also because I'm a little worried about her.  She moved down here for me, but between school and being a garou and all the responsibility associated with both, I don't get to spend nearly enough time with her.  I don't want her to get lonely and become bane-bait.  Mrs. Eriksen suggested we hold a dinner, possibly at the O'Rourke's because they are the most likely to have the facilities to deal with the number of people we'd like to invite.

I've been assigned the task of finding out more about a new member of Snowe and Jean-Claude's band named Armond.  He smells like kin according to Emi, but we don't know how much he knows about it. He could just be kin genetically and not know anything about garou society. Actually, I voluntered.  I've got the best excuse to try and befriend him, and while the rest of the pack has been teasing me, he seems nice, and is absolutely gorgeous.  Anyway, it's the pot calling the kettle black. 

I met a very nice Japanese gentleman on campus.  He was wandering around looking lost, and so I asked if he needed any help.  I'm glad I did, because it turns out he's staying with the sentai, and I don't know how many of my fellow classmates speak Japanese.  He seemed a little shy, and his English could use some work, but he was very polite and seemed like he was in need of a friend.  We exchanged cell phone numbers, as I offered to help him practice his English if he'll help me with my Japanese.  I'm hoping that given who he lives with, I won't have to hide my nature from him.  It would be nice to make some friends outside the pack that I can be myself with, without having to keep secrets.
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I let myself get to far behind on this, so rather then do all the journal entries, I'm going to do a brief out of character summery of what's happened to Irene recently, then make an entry for the last session.

Irene found out her father was indeed a werewolf, but that he had been killed and his heart used to make a fetish by black spiral dancers.  With the help of her pack she was able to appropriate the fetish, destroy and purify it, freeing her father's spirit.

Her pack learned of a new werewolf, Monica Carlin, who had been institutionalized.  The institution turned out to be worm corrupted, an though a rescue mission was mounted the young werewolf was killed in the battle.

She and her pack learned that GHN was selling worm corrupted vitamins that turned people into fomori, and burned the store down to the ground, using the fire to purify it.  A few days later, about thirty of the local jocks turned into fomori, and had to be killed.
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"A true Get of Fenris plan. Next we'll take on a fire breathing creature in a fireworks factory." OC comment by Charges the Dark on a plan by guards the kin involving running and jumping out a window with a fomor in tow.

"I should have gone for the fireworks factory." OC comment by Guards the Kin's player when the fomor turned out to breathe fire a few rounds later.

"Oh, good, we're going the right way." Henry and David on seeing a crowd of fleeing humans.

"Any humans still here are too stupid to live." Guards the Kin*, going to Crinos in a public place several rounds into a fight with Fomori.

"See you guys later, have fun cleaning up." Guards the Kin* to Conrad and Eric, after the Fomori are defeated leaving a college quad full of Fomori bodies and blood.

*This is disputed, see comments.


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I thought I had gotten over feeling hurt that my Father left before I was old enough to remember him, but apparently not.  It turns out he may have had a good reason for leaving, that it may not have even been by choice at all.  And even though it may mean he's dead and trapped in a Fetish of has been trapped in the umbra for 20 years, I find myself feeling overjoyed and strangely hopeful.

It all started when Henry summoned the bear spirit so that I could learn to resist pain.  The bear spirit wanted me to help someone in return, someone who was trapped in return.  The person was named Edmund Malone.  I did some searching and learned that he had lived in Montrose but his job had taken him all over NY, NJ and PA.  He had disappeared in the 80’s and was last seen in Niagara Falls.  The pictures I found looked very familiar, but I couldn’t place them.


David had called the pack together for a meeting, and I brought it up to ask how they thought I should proceed. When I showed them the picture, they said it looked like me, so Henry suggested a Get of Fenris rite that tells you whether you are related to someone or not. He didn’t know it so we decided to ask Rune-Wise.  Shadows suggested summoning and asking Raven about the whereabouts of Malone.  However we needed something to trade with Raven for the information, which tied in with one of the other things we were talking about, Julia Hoffman’s missing jump drive. We figured if we got the secrets off of that we might have something to trade.


We used rite of the questing stone and found it in the possession of C. Logan, who had recently received a grant.  With Erik’s help we stole it along with her laptop since it was in the laptop bag and the laptop bag was locked.  Henry got wire cutters, and we broke in.  It took a bit but we hit the passwords, and it turned out that Julia had had blood samples from a lot of the kinfolk, and was researching the genetics and may have been involved with the lab in Binghamton.  It also turned out that Logan, the bitch, had stolen her research, and probably used it to get the grant.  We couldn’t really turn the info on the drive over to Raven, but the secret that the research had been stolen and by who could be used.  We gave the information to the elders, so that they could figure out what to do with it.


ChargestheDark took us to a graveyard with a stone with welsh names on it, and we summoned Raven.  Edmund Malone was a Fianna theurge who was called Son of Lugh, and was familiar to Raven.  Raven didn’t know where he was, but he took our info and said he would look and get back to us.


We went home and invited some of the Wyld Hunter’s over for dinner so we could ask them about the rite and so Erik, who had been having dreams about Herne asking him to chase him, could talk to them.  Rune-wise did the right, and said that not only was I related to Malone, it was a close relation.  She asked if I had any uncles, and I explained about my dad leaving, so I didn’t know.  She said the timing was right, and that he might have been my father.  We discussed possibilities and we think he’s probably either trapped in a Fetish or the Umbra.  Either way, we’ll track him down.


We also talked about my mom. I’d been worried because she doesn’t live too far from Adirondacks State Park.  One of the Wyld Hunters suggested that we might be able to get her the job of Math teacher at the local high school, which has been being taught by a sub after the teacher died.  I just have to convince her now, but that shouldn’t be too hard.  I know she worries about me almost as much as I worry about her, and a shorter distance between us would ease both our minds.

* * *

((OOC: This takes place three or four days after the attempted rescue mission, depending on how you count.)

Irene walks up to the door of the Eriksen’s house.  She is wearing normal clothing, jeans with a nice blouse, but she is wearing makeup, which is unusual for her.  The makeup fails to hide the dark circles under her eyes, but it does make them a little less noticeable. She closes her eyes for a few seconds, then shakes her head a little bit and opens them. She knocks on the door, and then takes a step back to wait for it to be answered. Her expression, which had been somewhat tired and sad, changes to look happier, but her smile doesn't quite reach her eyes.

* * *

What’s the line from that song?  I think it’s called “Will You Remember Me,” but I’m not sure. Anyway, it goes something like “I’m so tired but I can’t sleep, Standing on the edge of something much to deep…”  I’m exhausted, I’ve been up for at least 24 hours now, but every time I close my eyes I see the more horrific of last nights events.  Children being ripped to shreds.  Granted they were Fomori children, but somehow that doesn’t seem to decrease the horror.  It makes it worse.  Being left with no choice but to kill what should be protected, that which we had come to late to save.  I’m glad David didn’t tell Snowe what we were attempting.  It would be too harsh to have to tell her that not only had we not saved her child, we were forced to kill him.


My day started when I finally emerged from my apartment, having finally cracked the encryption that we stole, err, liberated from that lab that was kidnapping kinfolk.  (It looks like there trying to figure out the genetics of being a Werewolf.  I’m pretty sure it’s not genetic, so I don’t think that they’ll have much luck but they could do a whole hell of a lot of damage trying to find something that doesn’t exist.)  Anyway, when I came out, I discovered that the campus, and for that matter, the town was being evacuated on a very thinly disguised pretext.  I headed straight for the hill, hoping to find out what was going on.


To make a long story short, one of the kinfolk we had rescued from the Fomori had told David that one of her children had been taken from her. (Well, apparently, more then one, but we actually thought that there was a chance of saving the last one taken from her.) The evacuation was in preparation of Black Spiral Dancer retaliation after a planned rescue attempt by our pack.  If things had gone according to plan, the Ambassadors would have backed us up, but I’m pretty sure the whole thing was set up as a trap, because before we even went in the Sept called the Ambassadors back because they were under attack and needed the back up themselves.  We got in there and tried to get two of the children out, but the one was sick and made Emi and I deathly ill, and Mother’s Touch didn’t help.  I’m not very clear on everything that happened after that as I was trying not to throw up, fall over, and wait to die.  It’s sort of a confused jumble but the children were already Fomori, and had to be killed.  I’m not sure about this but I seem to remember the toys attacking.  I’m not sure if I’m glad I don’t remember or if the horror of watching children turn into monsters and be slaughtered is greater because of the somewhat jumbled nature of the memories.  All I know is that it’s keeping me from sleeping.


We got back to the hill to find that one of the out buildings had been overrun and exploded.  (I’m unclear as to which side was responsible for the explosion.) However the hill itself had been successfully defended.  One of the elders was able to get rid of the sickness, and I helped heal up wounded kinfolk.  When everything settled it became apparent that three kinfolk were missing: Yolanda, “Mad” Sally and her granddaughter.  Out pack was sent out to find them using rite of the questing stone.  


On the way, a man ran out into the road, sending David’s truck into a tree when David tried to avoid him.  He turned out not to be a human, but a garou being chased by Scrags. (Humans possessed by evil spirits.)  We killed three of them and drove the Scrags out of the bodies of the other three.  The garou, named Erik was from a Sept that had been destroyed in the Adirondacks. (An entire sept destroyed? Scary to think about.  I’m beginning to see why some of the elders seem so pessimistic.  I’m trying not to think about it too much.)  We called for a clean up crew and left Emi and Erik with the formerly Scrag possessed humans.


We found Yolanda first, in a diner, in the company of someone who judging by his looks was another of Snowe’s stolen children, which meant he was a Black Spiral Dancer.  Yolanda was there willingly, wanting to leave with him.  The slimy bastard had her convinced we were the bad guys because Shadows had been less then honest with her about the fate of her last boyfriend, another Black Spiral dancer who had been killed because he was holding other kinfolk hostage or intended to use them in a ritual to release an evil spirt. (I don’t remember which it was exactly.) There were other issues too, but that was the main thing. We managed to delay her long enough for a police officer to come and convince her to go home with him at least temporarily. 


We then went after “Mad” Sally and Lydia.  We found them unguarded in a hunting cabin.  (Not the one with the fairies.)  The other’s seemed eager to avoid listening to her explain what had happened, but I tried to get as many of the details as possible.  She seemed to have a pretty good idea what the ones who kidnapped her and Lydia looked like, so I’m hoping we might be able to get a sketch artist to come up with pictures.  We got back to the hill, and Erik reported to the Elders about the destruction of his Sept. I asked one of the Elder Theurges if there was any way to cleanse a Black Spiral Dancer. It turns out there is a way but they have to be willing and even then it’s a very difficult process that includes the garou equivalent of purgatory. Which means we probably won’t be saving Snowe’s other child anytime soon. We all found places to crash, as it was almost morning again.  I thought I would fall right asleep but like I said images of shredded Fomori children are keeping me awake.  I think I’ll sneak out and drive home. Maybe in my own bed I’ll have more luck. 

* * *
 Irene knock son the door of Kentaro's house, and waits for an answer. She is looking forwards to speaking with "the ambassadors" as her packmates call them.  She hasn't had a chance to practice her Japanese in a while, so she hopes she remembers her vocabulary.  But either way, she is eager to satisfy her curiosity and learn more about culture, and also, hopefully, to make new friends.
* * *
 Irene parks her car near Amelia DiFrancesco's house.  She gets out and waits for Henry, taking a few deep breaths to center herself.

((If you want, they could have met at the school, and she is waiting for Henry to get out of the car.))

* * *
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